KSD Shares Training to Help Keep Students Safe Online

Kearney, Mo., June 3, 2024: In May, we shared the results of digital safety and security surveys taken by our students in grades 6-12 following special presentations by Russ Tuttle of the Stop Trafficking Project. The data demonstrates that we need to take steps to protect our children from online threats. 

Mr. Tuttle and his team produced a video to train adults how to help keep their children safe from those threats. He is generously making this video available free for KSD community members for the next seven days. Here’s a link to access the online video: Stop Trafficking Project Adult Training

Fill out the information in the form and then add the following code in the “Coupon Code” box and click “APPLY” to view the video for FREE FOR THE NEXT SEVEN DAYS: kearney-sd-june-24100OFF

In addition to this limited-time offer from the Stop Trafficking Project, we are also encouraging you to view the webinar recording presented by our online safety partner Linewize on May 23, 2024, in order to help parents/guardians familiarize themselves with the tools available to help them keep their children safe and well in the digital world.

In this video, Linewize’s Director of Wellbeing, Teodora Pavkovic, shared insights into some of the main online safety risks children encounter today and the strategies to minimize them, and guided viewers through using tools like the ABC approach to children’s online safety and your district’s Online Safety Hub. Former school principal and Linewize’s Director of Community, Greg Hall, did a live demo of the Qustodio parent app and guided viewers through the set-up process.

This video and additional information about the Qustodio Parents App and Linewize resources are available on our website.